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Who We Are

Founder Tito Henry De Souza, who had a vision of emerging potential in the tourism industry. He started his efforts in this direction by setting up a place to cater to the needs of domestic and international tourists visiting Goa. Dinner was often served amidst roaring sound of the waves of the Arabian Sea and the light effects of traditional Balcaó (a candle lit amidst hanging cardboard or paper lantern). However Tito's back then was more than an eatery. At a time when maps and travel guides were not popular, it became the social and information center for tourists. Tito’s still incorporates the traditions values and service set forward by our founder and great visionary.

Tito's has grown to today's magnitude and has turned out to become a brand name in Goa known for its vast diversification into a variety of other businesses. Headed by Tito's sons, Ricardo and David De Souza, the brand has expanded into fields aside from entertainment. Still holding strong reign on the party circuit, Tito's venture in construction, real estate, publishing, financial services, supermarkets, etc.

Moving forward with more expansions, Tito's is heading into the future with the aim of becoming a truly internationally recognized name.


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