“Titos –www.titos.in specializes in the creation of simple websites for Accountants, Lawyers and other professionals with ready made templates on offer for a very low monthly fee.  We also build sophisticated Market Place Platforms with Multi Vendor capabilities , Crowd Funding websites, Petition collection websites, Websites for Travel Agents, Clubs, Discotheques, Real Estate, Buying Clubs, Leasing and Rental websites and any Custom design one can think off. We keep the websites simple enough for you the businessperson to understand and operate depending on your abilities.  “

www.titosangels.com (modelling website with its own forum and mass marketing of this site to targeted audiences like fashion houses, producers and film directors etc)

www.titosgoa.com (specialising in promoting events online and selling club tickets)

www.mybeerlink.com  (building marketplace platforms for multiple vendors and marketing site worldwide)

www.crowdfundforyou.co.uk  (raising money for various social projects and accepting donations online)

 www.titoslondon.com (establishing a fashion brands worldwide online presence and affiliate marketing some of the worlds top fashion brands with online payment gateways)

www.titosrealestate.com  (Marketing real estate projects to a global audience and organising walk through as well as publishing full project details)

www.titosconsultancy.com  ( building websites for financial companies to display their products)

www.titosgroup.com  (promoting clubbing venues and selling tickets through various social networking sites)

www.cocktailsanddreams.co.in (Simple bar website suitable for small businesses)

www.capetowncafe.com  (small clubbing website with walkthrough video)

www.titosevents.com (Events organizers website)

www.lara-brighton.com  (single brand fashion website with payment gateway)

www.consiliumlawfirm.com ( Lawyers site with RSS feeds  on latest judiciary related judgements and  news)